From the geniuses that brought you sportsmedley.wordpress.com, Scribble Manor covers more than just sports (don’t worry, sports will be covered too).

Here you will get fresh, innocent, honest takes on the likes of Movies/TV, pop-culture happenings, technology, and whatever else piques our interests at the time.

Viewer feedback is welcomed and encouraged.  We all like to gossip and debate certain things, and here is the place to do that.

Freelance writing is also strongly encouraged, as there are many people out there who want their opinions to be heard.  Again, this is the place for that.

Basically, this is going to be one giant resource page.


Eric Buenning

Founder of Scribble Manor


Hey there, I figured that sometimes the people who read this might want to see what the writers actually look like.  Based on “official hirings” I’ve made recently, I present to you the Scribble Manor staff.

Eric Buenning: Editor-In-Chief

Anna Dricken: Editor and Contributing Writer

Kyle Slaby: Staff Writer

Mary Coan: Staff Writer

Jordan Goldberg: Staff Writer

Jon Terry: Staff Writer


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