The Weirdest Thing I’ve Ever Seen: The Orvillecopter

In Random/Humor on June 5, 2012 at 6:31 pm

by:  Eric Buenning


Being a frequent troller of the internet, you’re bound to find some really weird stuff.  Usually, said “stuff” ranges anywhere from odd inside jokes to impossibly abstract humor or art or…whatever.  But then there is that rarified air, where odd just isn’t good enough.  I’m talking about things that are so unique and so random that they are borderline disturbing (no wait, not just borderline, actually and legitimately disturbing).  Ladies and gentleman, meet “Orvillecopter.”

Orvillecopter is “half cat, half machine,” as described by Dutch artist Bart Jansen.  The cat (whose name I assume is Orville) was recently hit by a car and killed.  Instead of finding its wings spiritually, Jansen decided to stuff it (sorry, it wasn’t the work of Chuck Testa) and attach propellers to each of the cat’s paws.

I should stress that the owner did acknowledge that he had a brief period of mourning for the recently deceased pet.  But, sometime soon after that, he decided to make these remote-controlled “hairplane” (and the award for lamest joke goes to….).

The orvillecopter has also gained national attention, and is surprisingly polarizing amongst the public.  On one hand, people are in outrage that someone could so something so heinous to something that was once living and offering companionship.  On the other hand, one person argued that the thing was dead and that it “was merely a container.”

I’m not trying to drum up an argument with this post, I just merely wanted to share this absolutely insane story.  I couldn’t pass up the chance to share with you the most bizarre thing I have ever seen.


Here’s the final test run of the Orvillecopter, for anyone that feels the need to check it out–


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