Scribblecast Episode Two-Here Comes The Pain

In Uncategorized on April 3, 2012 at 6:36 pm

An “emergency” all pro wrestling episode of the Scribblecast coming at you! Josh Koebert (hey that’s me) and Sam Gillmer talk Wrestlemania and the RAW the day after (aka Monday aka yesterday) and all the goings on in both shows. In the middle Sam’s power goes out, so that was fun. Plus, we curse a little, mark out a little, super fun times. Click the link to have the pain brought to your ear places.

Scribblecast Episode Two-Here Comes The Pain

Links to cool people and things mentioned in the podcast:

Brandon Stroud on Twitter

Best and Worst of RAW/Open Discussion Threads on WithLeather

David Shoemaker (pretty sure I botched the pronunciation of his name on the podcast) AKA The Masked Man on Twitter

David Shoemaker’s archive on Grantland

Shoemaker’s Dead Wrestler of the Week series on DeadspinĀ 

And last and least, myself on Twitter


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