The Worst Song on YouTube: Week 1

In Music on February 13, 2012 at 11:56 pm

by:  Andy Kane and Eric Buenning

So this is how this competition is going to work.  Andy and I (and all of you, if you want to help) will scour YouTube and try to find truly awful songs.  Once we decide on the creme de la crap for that week, the song and a brief description trying to encapsulate all that is awful about it will be posted here.  At the end of the month, semester, and year (if it lasts that long), a tournament will be held with voting polls open to decide what song cements itself at the bottom of all “music”.

This week’s song is Bree Bree by BrokeNCYDE.  Below you can find the song:

Andy’s Take:

The thesis is:”BrokeNCYDE is the culmination of narcissism, parental neglect, cultural appropriation, an a generational lack of self-awareness, and emotional hyperbole set to the soundtrack of intellectual and cognitive decay.
In an attempt to merge two genres into a cohesive sound, they created a musical alloy of bottom denominator shlock-hop, screamo, and poor judgment.
Eric’s take:
I have no idea what this song is about, what purpose it serves to anyone, or why anyone would be inspired to dream up a song like this.  This isn’t just an atrocity to music, it’s an insult to anyone who’s been fortunate enough to have the ability to hear anything.  I can’t believe I am listening to this song on repeat for reactionary purposes.  I hate myself significantly more now then I did about 15 minutes ago.  Excuse me while I run head-first into the nearest wall.
Do you have thoughts or comments on this song?  Think you can find one better?  Send suggestions to scribblemanor@gmail.com or to @scribblemanor on Twitter.

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