Sh*t White People Can’t/Shouldn’t Do (Installment #1)

In Random/Humor on January 28, 2012 at 4:07 pm

by:  Eric Buenning (with help from many others)

By now, everyone probably has seen the Youtube hit Sh*t Girls SayIf you haven’t, click on that link embedded in the text.  Since that orginal video, many spin-offs have been made and many laughs have been shared.

What’s more funny than things (in this case, white people) say? Things they do (and do terribbly for that matter).  The things is, nobody is going to tell a white person to not do these things, because they are just too damn funny.  What are these things you ask? Presenting:  Sh*t White People Can’t/Shouldn’t Do!!



–pop, lock, and/or drop it

–shake any single part of their body whilst dancing

–dance at all, really

–have “swag”


–refrain themselves from trying to pronounce words they will, in time, mispronounce

–look good in convertibles

–drink Ciroq

–rock “snapbacks”

–“sag” any part of their clothing

–stop themselves from talking about how much they love Taco Bell

–wear bling

–“mean mug”

–make a case for baseball being the best sport

–help themselves from singing along to ANY disney song

–“rib” anyone

–wear booty shorts ( especially ones that say Pink or Juicy)

–wear RocaWear/Fubu

–pronounce “50” in any other way but “fifty”

That’s it for installment 1, if you have ideas of things for the next installment of SWPC/SD, send them to scribblemanor@gmail.com or comment on the posts on Facebook and Twitter.


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