Packers vs. Giants Running Diary

In Sports on January 15, 2012 at 7:01 pm

by:  Eric Buenning

What better way to avoid tough losses than to relive them immediately? Eh?

QUARTER 1 (time represented is time remaining on the game clock. Anything not preceded by the time is a random thought)

12:02- Giants pick up two key first downs.  Driving well.

9:53??  I don’t know.  I can’t see what the time is, thanks to FOX’s “cut off half the scoreboard feature”.

8:37- Packers make a key third-down stop when they needed it. Bigger stop than I thought.  Welcome back Lawrence Tynes.

8:33- Not cool, Lawrence Tynes.  Not cool.

I’m sure Joe Buck is a knowledgeable guy and all, and I’m sure he’s good at what he does.  But can someone give that guy a 5-hour energy or something before a game?

8:24- Double good news.  1:  Cobb was down.  2: FOX fixed the display!!

Does anyone understand the movie The Man on the Ledge?  Just food for thought in between breaks in the game.

That ref must be part of Joe Buck’s offspring.  He’s excited to be there..

8:17- On just one solid run, you can already tell this Lambeau crowd has brought their A+ game today.

Helmet shot on Finley?  Whatever.

7:08- Packers offense moving well.  What rust?  Also, I will never understand Jermichael Finley’s first down celebrations.  Those have to be made up on the fly

6:32- There’s Finley.  I hadn’t recognized him up until that DROP.

5:38- Both defenses avoid disasters, GB ties it up at 3-3.

Aikman, when describing Finley used one of my least favorite sports clichés:  Nobody puts in more work than Jermichael.   That’s #2 on my list.  Here’s my top three:

  1. First one to practice, last one to leave
  2. Nobody puts in more work than ____
  3. Nobody is harder on ­­­­ ____ than ____ (himself).

I wish I would have been looking up or that Mentos Rainbow commercial.  From the sounds of it, that has a chance of going down as the most terrifying commercial ever.

Holy smokes! It was kind of scary (only because I hate spiders, though).


4:36- If Manning gets that protection all day, it’ll be game over before the 4th quarter.  Let’s hope that’s not the case.

Eli Manning complete to Hakeem Nicks for a 66-yard touchdown.  NYG 10, GB 3 3:47 Q1

I’m thinking instead of using it as a movie title, they should rename the Kardashian series Extremely Loud and Incredibly Annoying Close.

3:47- Two things.  1:  That kickoff was a nice gift. 2:  HOLY SHIT TROY AIKMAN AND JOE BUCK JUST GOT REAL VIOLENT WITH THEIR TOM COUGHLIN HYPOTHETICALS! Rip his face off?  Really?!?!

2:37- THAT’S why the whole “2007” comparisons are completely invalid.  The game might be somewhat the same but the players are different.  Favre NEVER scrambled like Rodgers.

1:34- Yikes, we’ll see how that call gets reviewed.  Jennings appeared to be losing that a little bit.

Wow, there’s your first lucky break of the game.  Jennings did not fumble after all.  I’ll take it.

1:10- James Jones play is exactly what Packers need to be doing today.  Short passes to avoid pass rush.  First down at the Giants’ 11.


Commercial thought:  Is there any commercial Morgan Freeman can’t improve?  I will devote the rest of this diary trying to think of one he could not improve.

The “time trailing at home” already wins the award for Most Irrelevant Stat of the Day.


Damn!  That’s the price you pay with an onside kick.  If it works, it’s genius.  If not, well, we’ll see.

14:39 Is it wrong to be cheering for Travis Beckum? It is?  I’ll stop.

(See 4:36 from Q1)

Packers suspect defense is coming up big when it absolutely needs to.  C’mon Tynes! Miss!


12:15-  That Giants D-Linemen, even though he was held, had some perfect Christ Air form right there.  I never thought I could throw in a Tony Hawk Pro Skater reference into any article.  Ever.  Go me.

11:23- Again, this isn’t your 2007 game.  Rodgers brings THAT to the table.

9:17- I picture Marv Albert saying, “OH! And James Starks with the rejection”!  It’s too bad this isn’t basketball and Starks isn’t supposed to be dropping that.

Golly, the Packers have more ball drops than New Year’s Eve celebrations.


Really?!?  The most excited inflection in Joe Buck’s voice comes when pitching the Napoleon Dynamite premiere??

6:12- I never understand why, on a WR screen, the WR waits to dance around the cornerback instead of just attacking the DB.  Gives them time to set up too, doesn’t it?

5:42- Interception Morgan Burnett.  Somehow the Packers’ defense comes away unscathed yet again.

4:04- BIG throw by Rodgers, and he keeps the chains moving.  If he keeps this up, he may be the next Tebow.

3:37- Kuhn fumbles.  Bathroom break.

That turnover was huge because Packers could have taken the lead AND gotten the ball at the start of the 2nd half.  Now they’ll likely have to play catch up.

This could just be because of his past offenses, but Michael Phelps seriously appears to be high in the latest Subway.  He’s at least as high as Nastia Lukin is hot.

1:56- Yet again the Packers’ defense makes a big time stop.  This game could be a blowout already if not for them. NYG 13, GB 10.

I know Frank Caliendo makes terrible jokes about him, but really, who is Curt Menefee?

Packers could really use a score here.  It would do wonders as far as momentum is concerned.

Irrelevant thought:  Nice!  The Australian Open starts tonight! Woo!

Wow.  Unbelievable.  Hard to stomach for Wisconsin sports fans this football season.  At the half:  Giants 20, Packers 10. See you in the third quarter.  I leave you with this completely irrelevant, unrelated video:


Kickoff is almost here.  Halftimes are not as long as I remember them being.

Pam Oliver looks like she’s ready to call it quits on this game.  She does not appear to be having any fun.

13:12- Remember that one thing about 2007 that I’ve been saying?  Well, for starters, that might have been 2008.  Also, Favre would never have done that.  That’s why the Packers are never out of a game.  Rodgers keeps drives alive like this.

10:28- As soon as I was typing something more positive than the last point, THAT happens.  Crushing turnovers.

As much as I’ve praised the Packers defense today, the Giants D is equally as impressive, if not more.  I hate myself for saying that.

9:00- Somehow, Green Bay gets another stop.  I’m predicting a good Randall Cobb return here.

8:48- Ehh.  I’ll take half a point for that prediction.

Words can’t even express how lame every single car commercial is these days.

7:16- Donald Driver maybe, MAYBE just made one of the most important catches of his career.

6:42- James Starks with the most important screen pass execution of his career, if there is such a thing.

4:58- I have a feeling….there’s just no way the Giants can keep this offense at bay for this long.  Something has to happen.  Obviously, I’m incredibly biased so I would think this, but still.

3:50-Crosby squeaks one in.  My goodness, who knows what would have happened if that’s…6 inches right.  NYG 20, GB 13.

You know, was that kick good?  I can already sense an insane Skip Bayless theory coming to fruition as we speak.

Screw it, it was good.  Moving on.

You know, there’s nothing like the ups-and-downs about getting excited in the beginning of a movie preview, only to have it squashed by The Rock being it.


2:19- Even though they didn’t pick up the first, the Giants at least get out of the shadow of their own goalposts.  Big Cobb return?

1:41- Wrong again.

:49- I’ve said a lot of things in this diary about Aaron Rodger’s amazing ability to escape the pocket and make plays, and this is another one of those comments.

END OF THE THIRD: GIANTS 20, PACKERS 13. Packers driving.  Eric is doing nervous pee-pee dance already.

Any early theories on how the prisoners on FOX’s new show “Alcatraz” escaped?  I’ve got zero.  Nor do I care to think of any.

14:40-something- Packers’ O starting to get in a little rhythm.  Look out.

12:55- HUGE stop by the Giants defense, gutsy call by McCarthy & Co.  We’ll see what the ramifications of that call are.

11:05- Why so sad ref? Chirp up! He sounds like his parents are forcing him to referee this game!!

10:19- Is it just me, or is anyone else hoping for Eli Manning to do a super-typical Eli Manning thing?  As in, throw the ball directly to a breaking cornerback for a pick six?

10:10- Frustrating pass coverage.  Incredibly frustrating pass coverage.

9:00- Impressive tackle by Morgan Burnett on the 10,000lb Brandon Jacobs.  He’ll feel that tomorrow.  Oh, good; another third down.

8:22- Big sack there by the Packers’ defense, but time is ticking.  Need to act fast.  Maybe another missed kick..come on…

7:48- I don’t like this new version of Lawrence Tynes.  NYG 23, GB 13.

Most confusing tweet award (sort of) via Colts owner Jim Irsay:  “The ghost of Lombardi begging for cheese angel intervention!”

6:53- After an idiotic Ryan Grant turnover, Eli Manning connects with Mario Manningham for a touchdown.  NYG 30, GB 13.

6:18- You can’t blame this on Rodgers, the Giants DB’s seem to have been covering our receivers well all night.

You can include the drops in that equation, too.  8 drops. 8 drops!

5:32- Rodgers might be the leading rusher in the game???

4:46- Pass caught by Donald Driver for a touchdown.  Don’t turn the channel just yet.  NYG 30, GB 20.

Allow me to lighten the mood with this random photo, via sportspickle.  http://www.sportspickle.com/picture/9475/auburn-has-short-white-cox

4:31- Don’t go anywhere, folks.  One stop, and we’ll see what can be done.

4:17- Okay folks, go wherever you please.

2:36- I do believe that is the dagger folks.  Brandon Jacobs, with his (presumably) 6.0 40-yd dash speed, scampers into the end zone.  NYG 37, GB 20.

2:00- I don’t even know what to type anymore.  Unless anything substantial happens, consider this my second-to-last post.

Well, that’ll do pig.  The New York Giants advance to the NFC Championship game against the San Francisco 49ers, beating the Packers 37-20.

Now we can watch all the NBA we want, right?  RIGHT?? Anyone?


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