Open Letter to the BCS

In Sports on January 10, 2012 at 12:18 pm

Well, that was a dud.

I think I understand how you work.  You are a series of computers that compiles an average rating for each college football team, with hopes in coming away with the two best teams at the end of the year.

The problem is, you routinely get it wrong. Technically, you don’t, if you pride yourself on making sure that teams ranked #1 and #2 are in the title game.  But are they the two best teams?  Are they the most deserving teams?  Usually, they’re not.

My problem with you, BCS, is that under your current system, we will never experience what could have been.  This year, for example, you pitted LSU against Alabama for the second time this season.  If you recall (and you don’t, because you’re a computer), the first game was not easy on the eyes.  At most times, it was unwatchable.  As it turns out, there was some reason to make them face off again.  Well, I hope you’re happy with the result, because that would make one of us (and by us, I mean me and everyone else who watched the game).  That was about as anti-climatic as a title game could possibly get. For the better part of the game, LSU’s offense couldn’t even get across midfield.  Again, for a better part of the game, a kicker had a strong chance of being named MVP.  A kicker.  Also, the offensive MVP didn’t even throw a touchdown.  He didn’t turn the ball over, and that was enough for the award.  That’s an absolute atrocrity.

Ok, I’m getting a little sidetracked.  My bad.  LSU did deserve to be in that game, subsequent results aside.  However, even though Alabama is the National Champion, did they even deserve to even be in New Orleans last night?  That brings me back to the experience- we’ll-never-get point.  Every college football fan said that LSU and Alabama were the best two teams, and the most deserving of fighting for the crystal trophy.  But how will we ever know if the Oklahoma States/Stanfords/Boise States of the world are better or worse unless they get that chance on that national stage?  You can compare teams all you want based on their schedule and such, but the truth is you will never know unless you match them up with something on the line.  Has anyone seen Alabama play Stanford?  Then how can you say they’re definitively better?  You can’t, and that’s why you, almighty BCS, need to be eradicated.

As I was typing this, I came across a tweet from Doug Gottlieb (@GottliebShow if anyone is interested).  It said ” If the Bowl Championship Series is so good, why hasn’t anyone tried to copy it”?  That’s what we call hitting the nail right on the head.  BCS, you are terribly flawed.  What makes this all so difficult, is that you could be fixed with only one word:  playoff.

Why is March Madness so successful?  It’s not entirely because of the quality of play at all times.  That improves as the tournament progresses.  But the underlying reason why March Madness is such a succes is because of the do-or-die efforts demonstrated each game.  There is no second chance.  Either you bring it, or you go home.  Because of this immense pressure, players and teams either fold or become something greater than themselves.  It’s riveting television.  So, remind me again why you pride yourself on computers crunching numbers to deterimine who the “best teams” are?  BCS, you are just so frustrating; especially when you could be solved so easily.  You could do away with the long layoffs after the regular season and get started on the playoffs right away.  It’s so very simple.  This is what everybody wants and what you should be doing.

After last night, just about everyone was left with more questions than answers:  “So, who’s the best team in the country now”? “What happened?  That was a title game”?  “Is Jordan Jefferson seriously a quarterback”?  The point is, if you were such a perfect system, then how come almost every year is ending like last night?  You can fix yourself so quickly.  Until then, you will forever be the sport with the flawed system.

Good luck with that.



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