NFL Roundtable: Reviews and Previews

In Sports on November 9, 2011 at 9:25 pm

Featuring:  Brian Boyea, Andy Kane, Cory Cummings, Jordan Goldberg, and Eric Buenning

We’re halfway through the NFL season, so it’s obviously time to take a look back on what we’ve seen so far and then try our best to predict the future.

However, my opinion alone wouldn’t cut it this time.  I brought in the opinions of a few other bylines, and I hope you enjoy them.  (Sadly, the contributing writers weren’t as electrifying as the studs in the photo above, but it was still a good time).  Let us begin.


Aaron Rodgers, unaninmously

Jordan Goldberg: Sure I’m biased, but he is destroying the league right now, and the Packers are undefeated and the undisputed #1. Put it this way: If Matt Flynn was starting, the Packers would definitely have some losses under their belt right now.

Andy Kane: It’s the popular pick because he is a freak. He definitely turned down the “All-Madden” sliders on the game this year and just started picking people apart. It’s like watching a surgeon with a goatee.

Brian Boyea: No personal bias here. Dude can flat out play. Not only is he the best quarterback in the game of football right now, but seeing as it is No-Shave November, I’d like to point out an interesting and lesser known fact about Mr. Rodgers. He was number 8 on Maxim’s list of The Greatest Facial Hair of the NFL. Don’t believe me, check it out yourself. I don’t think too many people would argue with me if I were to say that Aaron Rodgers is the most valuable player in football. The only argument that I would accept from anybody would be a man named, Peyton Manning. The Indianapolis Colts are the laughing stock in the league because this man is not on the field. I would argue that the Packers would still have a winning record, might not be 7-0, but would still be able to compete if Rodgers were (knock on wood) injured and not in the starting lineup every week. I might just have great faith in Matt Flynn (or anybody that wears a green and yellow uniform, again no bias).

Cory Cummings: Aaron Rodgers.  However, I didn’t write any reason why because I can’t follow directions in e-mails sent out by Eric (I promise you he said this).


Chain Gailey (Buffalo Bills), Jim Harbaugh (49ers)

Jordan Goldberg (on Chan Gailey): . Who the heck would expect the Bills to be 5-3 and tied for first place right now? They won 4 games all of last season. I’m definitely rooting for them to keep winning and make the playoffs.

Brian Boyea (on Jim Harbaugh): Definitely not this guy.  The main reason I didn’t vote for this individual is because he resigned shortly after that inspirational pre-game speech. And, he was kind of a jerk. And his team lost three straight games after starting out 4-0. And his name isn’t Jim Harbaugh. Not only did Harbaugh have arguably the most talked about handshake in NFL history, but he took a flat out, bad team last year, and turned them completely around. They have already compiled more wins this year than all of last year. The 6-1 San Francisco 49ers are lead by a quarterback named Alex Smith who was drafted before a man by the name of Aaron Rodgers. (Normally I would take this time to ask how that one is working out for them, but this year it seems to be alright so far.)

Andy Kane (on Harbaugh): Anyone who can lead this 49ers team (who have a roster of Vernon Davis, Patrick Will, Frank Gore, and the San Dimas High School JV team) to THAT record is a wizard.

Cory  Cummings:  I, too say Jim Harbaugh.  I probably wouldn’t be a good player on his team though, seeing as how I am terrible at following directions.


Jordan Goldberg: Calvin Johnson. There is not a whole lot of talent around him on the Lions offense (Matt Stafford, sure, but dude is always hurt. Other than that? Nothing). 11 touchdowns so far for Megatron makes him an easy choice for OPOY.

Ndamukong Suh. He might not have the best defensive stats this year (that honor would probably go to Darrelle Revis), but he definitely impacts his teams defense more than any other player. Detroit is an entirely different team this year, and Suh’s aggressive play is definitely the catalyst.

Brian Boyea: 6 foot 5. 235 pounds. 26 years of age (scary young). Calvin Johnson. A.K.A. Megatron. The dude is an absolute beast. Through 8 games he has 11 touchdowns. Disgusting. Not a single thing on this planet (or multiple things, such as double or triple coverage) can stop this guy. He is bigger, stronger, faster, and can jump higher than anybody in the game of football. I’ve been saying for a few years now that this dude is a freak. He finally has a healthy Mathew Stafford to throw him the ball, and he is finally giving us what we’ve been waiting to see for a while.

Similar to the offensive player of the year, DeMarcus Ware looks like a man among boys on the field. Scratch that, he looks like a beast among boys. Can anybody stop this man from sacking the quarterback? I don’t think so. He leads the league with 12 sacks. People know that he is the best pass rusher in the game and they gameplan for it, and he still puts up numbers. Dude is a freak.

Andy Kane: Avoiding another Rodgers gush fest, Calvin Johnson. CJ-Jr. finally has someone to throw him the ball and he’s is going absolutely H.A.M. Only 160 less yards than the Human First Down Wes Welker and 5 more touchdowns.

Jared Allen with a slight edge over DeMarcus Ware. Half a sack more, more forced fumbles, more facial hair.

Cory Cummings: Aaron Rodgers

Jared Allen

(wow…not all at once Cory.  Save some of your words for later).


Jordan Goldberg: : It can’t be anyone but Cam Newton. He hasn’t won many games and he’s definitely a work in progress, but his explosiveness is ridiculous and I think he is doing much better than anyone would have predicted.

JJ Watt! Another culture-changing player, Watt has helped turn things around in Houston. Maybe they’ll finally make the playoffs this year, even with their top offensive weapons being hurt all the time

Brian Boyea: This might be a bit of a surprise here. I’m going with a man who is putting up the single most important statistic in football right now. Sure Cam Newton is amazing people with some of the individual numbers and amazing plays he is making this year, but he isn’t winning games like Andy Dalton. Andy Dalton is another story of an individual leading a terrible team to some victories. Do I think they’ll make the playoffs? No. Am I surprised when I look at their 5-2 record? Absolutely. Who cares what kind of numbers you put up unless you are winning ball games?

Von Miller. He was drafted high and has been playing a big role in a depleted Denver locker room. There is a lot of young talent on this roster. When they get gellin’ it could be a scary team out west.

Andy Kane:  Andy Dalton. It breaks my heart not to say my Fantasy Darling “Rootin’ Tootin'” Cam Newton, but Dalton is winning with a team not much better than the Panthers. The Red Rocket is getting W’s and Cam isn’t. Yards are cool but the former Horned Frog is trying to make the play-offs.

Von Miller. Boring pick, but 34 tackles and 6.5 sacks gets the job done for me. Plus those glasses are something serious.

Yeah…I’ve left Cory out from here on out.  Sorry bud.


Jordan Goldberg: Again, it would have to be the Bills. There really isn’t much talent on their roster and they are definitely overachieving so far.

Brian Boyea:
I think one of the biggest surprises thus far has been the lack of excitement in the NFL. Yes, I know there are always side stories that go alone with the season, but when we talk more about a handshake, or a player trash talking than the game itself, “C’mon Man!”. That gets old. How come we haven’t had anything better to talk about? There have been some good games, and some not so good games. I feel that this year there have been more of the not so good games leading analysts and the media to focus on those silly moments that nobody should care about.

Andy Kane: Let’s talk Fred Jackson. We knew he was under-rated, but THIS? This production is pretty wild. Shouts to Matt Stafford trying to earn that draft pick money.


Jordan Goldberg: The Colts. They normally enter every season knowing they have a darn good chance to win ten or more games and make the playoffs, but it is now clear that it was entirely thanks to some no-name quarterback that’s not feeling so well this year. Hopefully Peyton fully recovers (although that seems a bit doubtful at this point).

Brian Boyea: The referees. I am not one to blame games on the refs ever. However, I will get upset with bad calls. I will get even more upset with terrible calls. These personal fouls are getting ridiculous. Multiple times this year there have been players who have made textbook hits or tackles, just as you are taught, and not only get flagged and penalized 15 yards, but also get fined Monday morning. Let the boys play. I’m not saying that I’m okay with helmet to helmet collisions, but when a player wraps up a quarterback, drives him into the ground (not biased towards the Packers, Clay Matthews taking down the Vikings Christian Ponder or anything), why do you have to flag him because he lands on top of him? Where is he supposed to go?

Andy Kane:  Chris Johnson. Woof.

Eric Buenning:  Cory Cummings.


Jordan Goldberg: Randall Cobb’s massive 108-yard kick return (the longest in Packers history). The Packers have never had a truly dangerous return man, but I think Cobb might be the guy.

Brian Boyea: 
Again, staying away from personal bias, but my favorite moment of the first half of the NFL season was being in the Metrodome in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the worst stadium in the world, with some of the best fans in the world. It was an awesome experience being among so many Packer fans. I would not be going too far out on a limb if I were to say that the stadium was almost slipt 50/50 Packer vs. Viking Fans. Hearing “Go Pack Go” ringing loud and proud throughout and opposing team, and big rival’s stadium was really cool.

Andy Kane: Michael Boley.  Check it out.


Jordan Goldberg:  Carson Palmer leads the Raiders to the playoffs and wins comeback player of the year…even though he’s only “coming back” from whining his way onto the bench in Cincinnati and finally out of Cincinnati altogether. The Colts go 0-16, draft Andrew Luck, and trade Peyton Manning (saving a TON of money). The Raiders, despite making the playoffs, fire their coach and hire Joe Paterno. And Green Bay goes 16-0 and dominates the Ravens in the Superbowl.

Brian Boyea:  The Pack continue to roll. The Lions crumble before Thanksgiving day. The Patriots beat out the Bills. The Steelers and Ravens both figure their stuff out. The Eagles and Jets make the playoffs. The Bengals, Bills and Lions do not. The Colt win a game because somebody feels bad for them. The Dolphins don’t because nobody cares. The ’72 Dolphins are not the only Miami team to have a “perfect” season. More players get fined for more legal hits. I’d like to see (other than in the NFC North) some interesting conference finishes. I also wouldn’t mind seeing Aaron Rodgers holding that Lombardi Trophy and bringing another one back to Title Town. It’s still early. Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. There is still a lot of football left to play.

Andy Kane:  Mario Williams admits everyone has been pronouncing his name wrong all of these years, he’s just been too polite to correct us.

Special thanks to all the contributing writers…and Cory Cummings.  Until next roundtable.





  1. It was a good first half. I hope you are right in your second half predictions!

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