The Search for the Best 90’s Show: Intro and Divison 1

In Television on October 24, 2011 at 5:46 pm

by:  Eric Buenning

Welcome to the Search for the best 90’s television show.  Let’s not waste any time getting started.

Here’s how this will work.  I have selected 32 of, what I think, are the most memorable television programs from the golden age of television, the 90s.  I will admit right here and right now that I missed a TON of shows, so don’t be offended if your favorite has been left off the list.  I couldn’t account for every single show out there, otherwise this tournament would have been painfully long.

Wait.  Hold on, player.  A tournament?

Yes, a tournament.  That’s how we will decide which show reigns supreme.  The 32 programs were divided up into 4 divisions of 8 shows each (yep, the math works…that’s 32).  They were randomly selected to face other, in order to avoid any type of bias whatsoever.  How this works is polls will be created, giving you the reader the chance to vote on which show you liked more.  The winner of the match-up moves on.  Pretty simple.  Let’s get started!  Division 1!

(Note:  The polls for each of the matchups will be at the bottom.  Also, and more importantly, THE VOTING FOR THIS DIVISION WILL END FRIDAY (10/28) AT 5P.M.)

The Angry Beavers



Saved By the Bell


The Faily Oddparents

Dexter's Laboratory


Wild and Crazy Kids



The Wild Thornberrys


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