Ghost of Brett Favre

In Sports on October 6, 2011 at 4:06 pm

by:  Anonymous

Why is it that some things never seem to go away?  They just keep haunting us even though they are no longer a viable part of the sports media headlines or water cooler conversations.  Maybe it’s just the time of year for ghosts, goblins and the like.  Could they be tortured souls looking for some form of redemption?

Yes sports fans, I am referring to one Brett Lorenzo Favre.  And specifically the comments he recently made regarding Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers.  He acknowledged that Aaron Rodgers was in fact a talented quarterback and the Packers’ organization recognized his abilities and selected him high in the draft.

Not being one to offer too much praise, he then stated that he was surprised that it took so long for a quarterback with Aaron’s skills and surrounding talent to achieve a Super Bowl victory.

He alluded to the fact that the current team was more talented than the teams he played on.  I think a good argument could be made.

The two Super Bowl teams that were led by Brett had a more consistent running game.   They had quality wide receivers and tight ends that at times, due in part to Brett’s ability, were quite good.  The defensive unit led by Reggie White, Santana Dotson, Eugene Robinson, Leroy Butler and a cast of others were a dominant force.

Granted, last season’s Packers were probably more athletic with the potential for a tremendous upside than the teams led by Favre.  What Brett seems to have forgotten, or isn’t willing to admit is that in spite of a rash of injuries to these more athletic players a ‘true leader’ led his team to the Super Bowl.

So Brett, even though you felt the need to express your thoughts (as mis-guided as they were), it is now time for you to say good-bye and walk away.


(Editor’s Input:  I couldn’t stay out of this one.  ESPN tackled this topic yesterday.  I personally think Stephen A. Smith nailed it. Isn’t anyone just tired of Brett popping into the news whenever he wants???  This man need stay away.  Nobody cares about you, Favre. Stay away.)



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