MLB Playoffs Preview: ALDS and NLDS

In Sports on September 29, 2011 at 3:47 pm

by:  Eric Buenning

It’s that time of year again.  No, not fall.  I’m talking about the time of the year where I try to avoid being overwhelmingly biased in making playoff predictions.  Let’s begin.


(home team is in CAPS)

MILWAUKEE BREWERS VS. Arizona  Diamondbacks

Rotation edge:  Brewers

Lineup edge:  Brewers

I think that the Brewers have enough surrounding their big bats that they will be able to win this series in 4 games.  The rotations will be pretty even, but the Brewers have just a bit more depth.  I don’t think that the D’Backs have enough firepower overall to stop the Brewers in this series.  Ok, the previous reasons were just fabricated; this  the real reason the Brewers will win:  HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE.  Plain and simple.


The Cardinals squeaked into the playoffs on the last day thanks to magic on the mound from  Chris Carpenter and the Braves’ late inning (late season, really) collapse.  The Cardinals do have some scary assets with Pujols-Berkman-Holliday occupying their lineup every night, but they don’t know what their in for.  The Phillies will sweep the Cardinals because their rotation is just too darn good.  Roy Halladay is possibly the best pitcher in the game.  Follow him up with Cole Hamels, Cliff Lee (check out last postseason if you forgot), and Roy Oswalt?  Good luck, redbirds.




NEW YORK YANKEES vs. Detroit Tigers

This series boils down to one question:  How many times can Justin Verlander pitch?  Sorry Detroit, but he really is your only hope in getting anywhere in this series.  He is also the reason this series will go Yankees in 5 games.  That doesn’t sound like good news for Tigers’ fans, but it’s better than most will expect.  The Yankees lineup is just too potent to not destroy the Tigers’ staff outside of Verlander.  You can’t keep that offense at bay for too long.


TEXAS RANGERS vs. Tampa Bay Rays

First of all, what a crazy night the last night of the regular season was!  This should be the Red Sox! They should be here.  Their collapse (just like the Braves) will be never forgotten.  I can’t believe that that squad didn’t make it to the postseason.

Tampa Bay made it.  So the question, can they continue that momentum through the first round?  I don’t think they will be able to.  I don’t think Tampa Bay has enough consistent offense to support their pitching staff, who will have their hands full with Texas’s offense.  Both these pitching staffs have holes in them, and it will come down to which offense can hold their own the most consistently.  Texas has that offense, and that is why they will advance in 4 games.

So, if you somehow haven’t put it together yet, we will have Brewers-Phillies in the NLCS and Rangers-Yankees in the ALCS.  Let’s hope I’m right for a change.  Enjoy fall baseball, everyone.  Should be fun.



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