In lieu of Oktoberfest….

In Uncategorized on September 23, 2011 at 11:15 am


by:  Eric Buenning

Let me first start out by saying that I sincerely hope that everyone has a phenomenal time celebrating the festivities this weekend, but that they do so in a manner that isn’t threatening to themselves or others.  With that being said, how about a compilation of drunk athletes and celebrities???

This first one comes from the YouTube archives, where this user has ranked his 10 favorite “Drunk Athlete Moments”, with some honorable mentions sprinkled in there.  My favorites: Jimmy Johnson (silver fox at the 4:34-ish mark), Eli Manning, and of course, John Daly.


The next one comes from the always entertaining Ron Artest.  My favorite part about this is that I still can’t convince myself that he wasn’t just acting normal.  Only Ron Artest can pull something like that off…….well, maybe John Daly.  Oh man, go back and look at those John Daly pics again.  That was incredible.  Anyways..


Next up.  Joe Namath.  True story:  I have done something similar to this, except that I wasn’t famous, I wasn’t on TV, nobody else saw it, and that it didn’t actually ever happen.  You know who has probably done something like this?  You guessed it, John Daly.


Here is a video of Kid Cudi.  As you can tell, he is very light on his feet.


To wrap things up, how about an acceptance speech?  Enjoy Mariah Carey’s touching words.  Have a great but safe weekend everyone.  We don’t need any more John Daly’s out there.




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