“Party Down” Review

In Television on August 11, 2011 at 1:54 pm

The Show You’ve Never Heard of with the Cast You’ve Definitely Heard Of

by:  Larisa Brusky

Ever find yourself wondering what to do now that your favorite summer shows are winding down before your favorite fall shows start up? Yeah, I had that same problem…until I found the TV show Party Down on Netflix.

What’s Party Down you ask? I’ll tell you.

It’s an original Starz show starring a few people you’ve heard of and a lot of people you recognize from somewhere but only remember after a trip to IMDB. But that does not make it any less wonderful.

It is about a group of aspiring actors/writers/comedians living in Los Angeles working as cater waiters until they make it. The main group consists of Henry (Adam Scott, you might know him from Parks and Recreation or Step Brothers); Ron (Ken Marino who you might recognize from Children’s Hospital), Kyle (Ryan Hansen who is known for his stint on Verionca Mars); Roman (Martin Starr, who has been in a lot of movies everyone knows [even though I didn’t recognize him] including Superbad, Adventureland and Knocked Up); and Casey (played by Lizzie Kaplan who, believe it or not, played Janis Ian in Mean Girls. Remember her? The gothy artistic friend? Yup, same one).
Season One also has loveable Constance, played by Jane Lynch (recently known as Sue Sylvester on Glee). Though she is not in Season Two, they have a mighty fine replacement in Megan Mullally (most famously Karen from the show Will and Grace) as Lydia.

Phew. Confused yet? Let’s see if more detail will help. Henry is an actor who quit because he was known for only one thing, a crappy television commercial. Ron is trying to open his own business, Casey is an aspiring comedienne, Constance and Kyle are aspiring actors and Roman is a writer, mainly focusing on hard sci-fi. And Lydia? She is a mother who is trying to get her daughter into show business.

Really confused? Then just watch it the show and everything will clear up. Honestly, I cannot give this show enough praise! The last season (season two) came out in 2010 and I am not sure if a new season will be out in 2011, but I hope it is because I am DESPERATE for more!

It has the perfect combination of humor (which some might compare to the Office in the sense that it is a little dry), heart and ridiculous situations.. This is what I think caterers are actually like, and even though I know it isn’t true, it should be! Seriously folks, if you’re looking for something new to watch, then watch this. The complete absurdity of what goes on makes it feel like that could actually happen, and the actors do an excellent job of making their characters relatable.

Moral of the story? Even though the show is not on T.V. right now, do whatever you can to watch it. Netflix, YouTube, some website where you can watch it for free with Japanese subtitles underneath, I don’t care. Just watch it, you will not be disappointed.

Rating: 3.5 out of 4 stars

Trailer for the show: 


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