Move Over, Michael Phelps

In Sports on July 31, 2011 at 10:17 pm

by:  Eric Buenning

Meet Ryan Lochte.  You may notice that he is a swimmer.  You may also notice that he is not Michael Phelps.  This may come as a shock to some, but Michael Phelps is not the only swimmer on the planet.  In fact, he isn’t even the best swimmer currently.  Again, meet Ryan Lochte.

Lochte just finished the best meet of his life at the FINA World Championships in Shanghai, China this past week, winning 5 gold medals in 5 events, beating Michael Phelps twice, and setting the first World Record since the controversial “suits era”.  Some would possibly point to Phelps not being in Olympic shape just quite yet, and others would just call it a weak field.  But with only a year until the Olympics, one thing is incontrovertible:  Ryan Lochte is  the best swimmer on the planet.  Move over, Michael Phelps.

Like I said, some people will point to Phelps’ training as the reason why he didn’t win more in Shanghai (apparently, three victories is a disappointment now).  However, you can’t fault Lochte for being a freak among freaks among freaks when it comes to training.  Lochte was better prepared this past week, and he will be just as ready when the London Games come calling.  In an interview during NBC’s weekend coverage of the Championships, Lochte said that he doesn’t feel he’s the top dog yet.  He humbles himself quite a bit so that he keeps that insane motivation that’s propelled him to where he is currently.  He needs no time off to tend to his celebrity image because he will not allow himself time off.  He wants to be the fastest. There aren’t days off in that pursuit.

With only 12 months to go, the public will look at how Michael Phelps is getting prepared, because he is the face of swimming right now.  It will be some very compelling news.  However, lurking under that radar again will be Ryan Lochte.  He will be working just as hard as he has been recently, and he will be definitely be ready to go in London.  So when July 27th-August 12th, 2012 rolls around, don’t be shocked when you see a new name and face on the gold medal podium.


Ryan won’t.




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