Three Man Weave: How I Met Your Mother

In Television on July 22, 2011 at 7:03 pm


by:  Eric Buenning, Larisa Brusky, and Jordan Goldberg

So here is how Three Man Weave works.  A topic for discussion is chosen and questions are created to be answered by the Scribble Manor staff.  Topics can cover just about anything, and reader comments and answers are very much suggested.

Today’s topic is the CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother.  Already six seasons in, HIMYM has been a mainstay on CBS’s Monday lineup.  Some of these questions are serious and pertain to the story, and some are just for fun.  Again, feedback is encouraged and appreciated.


Which character do you most associate yourself with?

(Larisa Brusky)  

I’m going to be a pain and say that I’m a little bit of a few characters. I like to consider myself a hopeless romantic like Ted and whimsical like Lilly. But ultimately, I’m most like Marshall. I just want people to be happy, I trust everyone (even if I shouldn’t), and I’m kind of a big baby. Yeah, I guess I’m most like Marshall.

(Eric Buenning)

  I would like to be like Ted, I shudder to think of myself as Barney, I am not female, so that leaves Marshall.  I feel good about this, though.  I do want everyone to be happy, and yeah, I’m a bit of a mamma’s boy (whatever, don’t hate).  In all truth, Marshall is just a big kid at heart, which I can most relate to.  Plus, he can dunk.  You’ve got to love that.

(Jordan Goldberg)

  I definitely most associate myself with Ted Mosby. I particularly realized this when Ted would be made fun of for being “nerdy” and for being the smart member of the group. He also seems to have the strangest sense of humor and a knack for being awkward, whether intentionally or by accident. Additionally, he seems to have the strangest (and least successful) relationships; Marshall and Lily are married, Barney sleeps around, and Robin seems to have fewer problems than Ted. As I have little interest in dating, my relationships tend to be few, far between, and strange.



What is your favorite episode?



Oh man, how to choose. I think one of my all time favorites is Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the Slaps. How can you not love it? I’m chuckling sitting here thinking about it.


That would definitely have to be The Pineapple Incident. It was the first episode that I ever saw, and the sheer randomness of the premise helped draw me in immediately. I thought it was amazingly well written and a ton of fun, and I love that the mystery of the pineapple was never solved.


 There are a lot of episodes that I love, but “The Pineapple” Incident from season one stands out still.  It’s like a mystery, but done in a playful and fun way.  I also am a big fan of Drunk Ted, and this was our first opportunity to see him.  Honorable mention episodes:  No Tomorrow (season 3), Change of Heart and Natural History (season 6), Sexless Innkeeper (season 5).

Where will it rank against the likes of Seinfeld and Friends?


That’s a good question. Part of me hopes that it will rank as those two, to have the same infamy as them. But I don’t know if it has as high of a following as those other two shows did. I think this show might have more of a cult following and because of that, I don’t think that this show will ever go away. So, for the time being, I would rank it under Seinfeld and Friends but in the long run, to pull ahead of them. Mind you, I’m completely speculating and I could be completely wrong.


I think that it has the potential to be better than both.  With both sitcoms, they had a huge network following, and they were first (for the most part).  When you have nothing to compare yourself to, you will get the benefit of the doubt.  However, I think How I Met Your Mother is more of a believable story with more believable characters than both.  I like how HIMYM has framed the story from the pilot as a re-telling of the gang’s early adult lives.  Seinfeld claimed to be about nothing and with Friends, we just joined their lives with no real reason as to why.  Eventually, I think HIMYM will pass up Friends and challenge Seinfeld for one of the best sitcoms, but the following just isn’t strong enough right now.


I personally think it is the best sitcom of all time. It has yet to reach the level of recognition that some sitcoms had, such as Friends, but I think it has a very good chance of reaching this level. It gets better and better every season and the plot always remains interesting, and because of this I believe it will live on.


Who do you think is the mom?


It’s the roommate of the one girl. And she has a yellow umbrella. I don’t know if I want to guess, I like just letting things happen.


Well, apparently it isn’t anyone before Season 3.  It isn’t Stella, Zooey, or Robin.  There is this popular theory:


In Season 3, in the episode titled No Tomorrow, Ted randomly bumps into someone at the St. Patrick’s Day party.  It seems innocent enough, but is it really?  Why would they have that in that episode?  The Mother was at that party, too.  That seems to be the leading candidate for the mom right now.

Honestly, I’m not totally convinced we have met her yet.  I still have a slight inkling that it could be Nora (Barney’s season 6 crush), but I think that the mother has not appeared yet.  The point of the show is that we’re not supposed to know, just like Ted doesn’t.  Us and Ted are receiving little clues throughout the series, and it’s all leading somewhere.  We’re just going to have to wait and see.  Hopefully not for too much longer, though.


I have always hoped the mom would turn out to be the Slutty Pumpkin, but I am quite sure it is not. I think the most likely (and entertaining, in my opinion) possibility is that it is Barney’s half-sister Carly. This is a complicated guess to make, however, as the shows creators have claimed that the actress who will play the mother has not been chosen and that Future Ted (the narrator) has intentionally been written to have an unreliable memory. This makes guessing the identity of the mother difficult and is part of what helps keep me so interested in the show.


Is this the best show on tv?


YES. Alright, maybe I’m a little biased because it’s one of my favorite shows, but I have reasons why it’s the best. It’s funny, makes you think, makes you hope that you have friends like that in life and I think, ultimately, lets you fell okay about not having life go where you thought it would. Philosophical, right? But it’s true. They always talk about talk about how they’re not where they thought they were going to be but they’re doing just fine. I think it’s pretty close to real life even though it’s on t.v.


It’s hard to compare them to the powerful dramas like Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and Boardwalk Empire, but I vote YES.

This has the most compelling and intriguing storyline on television right now, and people aren’t realizing it.  It has relatable characters and everything about it feels real.  Not everyone understands the humor on The Office or The Big Bang Theory, and Modern Family is a niche comedy on family awkwardness.  HIMYM is hands down the most realistic show out there, and should therefore be the best.  All the humor, sadness, anger, and anxiety is all real.  You can’t argue with that.  It may not be the funniest, saddest, sexiest show out there, but it is the most like our lives.  It has to win because of that.


Wow, that is a tough call. I believe I would call it my favorite, but it has some stiff competition. I would have said The Office, but it is going downhill fast. I love Parks and Recreation, but it has a long way to go to catch up to HIMYM. HIMYM has been good for a long time, has many memorable characters that are easy to identify with, and I can watch any given episode over and over. For me, there is no better show.


What do you think Barney’s job actually is?


Beats me. Something that’s mostly legal, in the business world. Whatever it is, I’d like the money he makes.


Barney’s job reminds me of the character Milton from Office Space. He was laid off years ago but still shows up for work every day and inexplicably receives a paycheck. I think someone in the company Barney works for owes him a huge favor and lets him have an office, a false job, and a paycheck in return for Barney’s silence. Barney did once say that he knows enough company secrets to guarantee his job security forever. This makes it hard for me to believe that he has a real job at all.


I don’t have a clue.  He works at Goliath National Bank (not in the legal department).  My guess is that he’s some sort of statistics guru that somehow ties his work into finance and law and other stuff.  He does always bring up hypotheticals and stats (albeit, fake ones) to support his arguments with the gang.  That’s my best guess.  Whatever he’s doing, he’s making bank.  I wonder if they’re accepting applications in his field…

Do you think it’s better to suit up or to go casual when going to a bar?


For a man, as much as I love seeing them in suits (there’s just something very sexy and classy about a good fitting suit) I think it’s better to go casual. Or, OR, maybe you could have a happy medium between casual and suiting up. A casual suit? Yes, that’s my vote. Go casual but try a little to look good


Different situations call for different outfits. I personally think there is no better way to visit a bar than with a group of friends who are all suited up. There is nothing wrong with going casual, but it just is not as fun to me.


I’m just a bar-going newbie, but I would advise that it is all circumstantial.  Alright, I won’t shy out of an answer.  I would say it would be better to go casual.  This doesn’t mean sweatpants and hoodies, though.  Suiting up would have to give you some swagger, but it couldn’t be too terribly comfortable to wear a suit every night.  If you’re casual, you can still look good while being relaxed.  They always say “be yourself”, and nothing says be yourself like being comfortable in your own attire.  So, suit up on the special occasions, but stay casual when you can.


What does the future hold for the show?


I think the show has potential if they take it in the right direction. They have the perfect recipe for each episode, a continuing story with everyday life thrown in that happens to be hysterical. I think if they change that, things could go wrong. But if they keep going with what they have and develop the plot (like eventually telling us who the mother is), they’ll be on for a few more years.


I wish the show would never have to end. I personally hope the mother is never actually revealed, because I find that when an ending tries to bring too much closure and answer too many questions, it is often heavy-handed and poorly done. In general, I expect the show to continue to surprise and amuse me as it has done all along.


Good question, question maker.  They have at least two more seasons left, including this one.  I think that we are not going to meet the titular mother until the final few episodes of the last season.  I think that the show is shaping up to start rounding out all the other characters before Ted finishes his love story.  There is no way that the gang won’t consist of three couples, so I think it will end up being Marshall-Lily, Robin-Barney, and Ted-wife.  I also think that people will start to get into the show late, and it will gain an enormous following by the series’ end.  It’s too good of a show to not take the country by storm, and I think it will finally get its deserved viewership.  The beautiful part about this show is that there is still so much mystery out there, and so many stories that still have to come to an end.  I don’t know what trip we’re going to be taken on over these next two seasons and maybe more, but I cannot wait to watch.


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