The Wii Ethernet Adaptor

In Technology on July 17, 2011 at 11:46 pm

by:  Travis the Techy

If you are happening to find that your wii internet is not working or is extremely slow, you may want to look into this gadget. When I first got my wii, I used a wireless internet connection to get online and it was extremely slow because my connection where I was was terrible. If you decide to buy this, be sure to have a router or somewhere to plug in the other end of an Ethernet cord which you will also need to get separately. The set-up is obvious but just in case I made a diagram for you to see. The Ethernet port is where you plug in the cord that runs to your router and the USB port goes into the back of the wii. VERY OBVIOUS. This is a great cheap way to speed up wii internet. If needed, I recommend it.

Travis Michaels is the techy for Scribble Manor.  He can also be found at these three sites below, but hopefully here for most of it.





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